Starting at only $50/hour our 1,180 sq. ft. photography studio provides you with a beautiful and affordable space to create.

All items listed below are included in your shoot.

  • Windows on all sides of the studio

  • Steel flooring

  • Glide Gear BCK 50 - 8x8 Backdrop Stand

  • 8x8 anti-wrinkle black backdrop

  • 8x8 anti-wrinkle white backdrop

  • 8x8 anti-wrinkle blue backdrop

  • 8x8 anti-wrinkle green screen backdrop

  • Pro Master background stand system

  • 2 - 20×20 light AC soft boxes

  • Spring clamps

  • Extension cords

  • Garment rack

  • Variety of stools and seating options

  • Variety of greenery

  • Variety of table tops for staging