817 Vintage Hype x Muse.

Introducing the first ever 817 Vintage Flea.

817 Vintage Hype owner, Rafael Huerta, has teamed up with Jacob Lovett, owner of Fort Worth’s newest shared studio space and event venue, Muse. to throw the first ever 817 Vintage Flea. This event was developed with the mission to bring the community of Fort Worth together while enhancing the opportunity for local creative businesses to collaborate with one another.

Now, what do we hope to see?

The event (totally free by the way) will transform these shared studio spaces into a vintage market showing the amazing collections of 23 vintage vendors from around the metroplex. The studio walls will be lined with 80’s, 90’s, 00’s vintage apparel from that era.

Live music to listen to, local foods to fill up on, and of course, refreshing beverages to wash it down. A highlight of the event will be a raffle for one of Lovett’s limited edition prints from his art collection. You don’t want to miss this!

The details of this event are listed below:

Date: Saturday February 20th, 2021, from 12-6:00pm

Place: Muse. 5501 Thelin St, #139 Fort Worth, TX 76115

Attraction: 23 Vintage clothing vendors, live music, local food and beverages, and a special art raffle from Jacob Lovett’s art collection.

Note: This is a free and family friendly event. Social distancing and masks are mandatory and will be required.

The Genesis of 817 Vintage Hype and Muse.

Rafael Huerta; Owner of 817 Vintage Hype, was a math teacher that took up thrifting just to find different and cool clothes. He found a vintage t-shirt that attracted a lot of buyers which he thrifted for $2, listed it on eBay and flipped it for $80. The potential profits from this venture intrigued him and it also was something he enjoyed doing. Thus, he decided to start his vintage clothing resale business. The inception years of the venture were mainly done through Instagram and eBay until one day, he and his lovely wife Julieta, stumbled upon a building that had a vacant suite space. Rafael turned to his wife and said “Wouldn’t it be cool to open up a store here?” His wife answered “YES!”. The leasing contracts were signed a couple of weeks later thus bringing the home of 817 Vintage Hype to Magnolia Ave.

The brands brick and mortar location was officially opened June 2019 and it is undoubtedly the best place in Fort Worth to shop for vintage clothing such as graphic t-shirts, band shirts, sport shirts, jackets and other apparel from the 80’s, 90’s and the early 00’s era. Rafael has been featured in the Fort Worth magazine as a Fort Worthian and 817 Vintage Hype has gone on to win the coveted best of Fort Worth Award in its first year of being open. Click here to learn more about Rafael and 817 Vintage Hype.

Jacob Lovett is artist, born and raised in Fort Worth Texas. He attended the University of Mississippi where he graduated with a degree in marketing. He returned after college and started his professional career in 2017.

His practice was founded after a close friend of his commissioned a painting for their family. Having never painted before, Lovett sought out tutorials online and eventually delivered a finished piece. That fulfilling moment led him to seek out further instruction in the arts in the spring of 2018.

Lovett continues to expand his art portfolio on a regular basis. Recently, his work involves realism oil paintings that focus on one singular subject. These paintings are aimed at creating a dramatic impact within each painting in order to achieve aesthetically clean, yet strikingly realistic, compositions. Click here to check out his latest work.

In 2021, Muse. was created from the combination of Lovett's past work experience and his passion for the arts. Muse. is Fort Worth’s newest shared studio space and event venue. It is founded on the idea to provide a place where local artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and professionals can connect and collaborate with each other.

Muse. contains 4 private studios, a photography studio and an event venue which provides creatives with affordable hourly and monthly leasing options. Click here to learn more about Muse.